This conversation might not be a fan favorite but the peace of mind it provides is priceless. When considering the end of life, money can be left on the table unless the right questions are asked early and when everyone is in their right mind. These 5 critical questions will get your family on the right path to peace of mind. 

1. Is the beneficiary updated on the 401k, the bank accounts, and Life Insurance? If not this could cause tons of confusion. 

2. Do you have adequate life insurance or is it just accidental insurance? 

Many families feel secure that their insurance coverage with the bank is adequate but find out that they only had an accidental policy in place that would not pay out unless the death was accidental. Ensure Financial Group provides free policy evaluation services in order to evaluate current policies and provide a deeper understanding of what you currently have. Sometimes we are wooed by big numbers and a low cost but we don’t realize the trade off is our family is not left with much beyond funds for burial. 

3. Is there a safe deposit box we need to know about? What about a shoebox? Is it in the TV? 

It was all too common back in the day to hide your will and important documents under the bed, in a shoe box or even a tv. This is not the proper way to prepare your family for a guaranteed life event (Death). We’ve become aware that we have to create generational wealth in order to impact change in our family and communities.This starts with a recurring family planning conversation on how wealth will be transferred and utilized to enhance the family legacy. 

4. Who’s the most responsible and accountable child? 

This might sound like a funny question but we all know there are at least one or two children that can be counted on to handle business. Identify that individual now. In order to prevent a burden being left on any particular family member, start creating a plan that will allow early preparation for funding a funeral or managing an inherited house. 

5. Are you okay with me putting your picture on GoFundMe if there isn’t enough life insurance in place? 

This too might sound like a funny question but if there is no plan in place this might be the only alternative. Life insurance can be used for funding a funeral and leaving large sums of wealth to the surviving family members to maintain a quality of life. 

Ensure Financial Group offers our Family Planning Guide as Free Gift valued at $75. Contact us at 863-225-5650 if your family would benefit from a free family planning guide document. Which includes a complete checklist of your advanced planning desires. Schedule a meeting today! 

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